Blind Dates

While I've never been on a blind date (not really my thing), I've heard some funny stories about them. Here's a funny (and slightly creepy) video about a blind date (see if you can recognize the girl).

And here's a great new song by Radiohead:

And an awesome song by Blind Guardian:

So my question for you is, have you ever been on a blind date? How did it turn out?
Well I've been very busy lately. School starts soon for me so things have been a bit hectic.

Here's a really funny comedian. If you've heard Canon in D or Canon Rock played WAY too many times you will understand:

Here's a great Brubeck song:

Also here's a beautiful Miles Davis tune:

Finally, please recommended some jazz tunes that work well for piano, guitar, and drums. Preferably if you know where there is sheet music.
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New Jack Beard

So at Bearded Productions we started a new series called Jack-Beards, where we pretty much do stunts and stuff. This is a pretty ridiculous episode (it burnt alot):

If you haven't heard Pink Floyd's The Trial, this is definitely a must listen to song (really trippy animation):

Here's a classic Al Di Meola song with Paco de Lucia:

Here's another Al Di Meola song (also with Paco de Lucia):

Thanks for watching, listening, reading! Hope you all have a great day!