Radiohead (Part 4)

Today I'll cover Radiohead's OK Computer era. Truly one of the most revolutionary and influential albums of the 90's.

Here is the 3-part masterpiece "Paranoid Android" (which also has a very quirky music video):

And of course the lamenting song "Karma Police":

This song actually makes a reference to "Creep", and the "fridge buzz", that song has...

Hope, if you aren't already a fan, that this helps you on your way there...

Radiohead (Part 3)

Well, I suppose I'll wrap up The Bends era today. It's been great, quite nostalgic for me in fact. I've been listening to this album since I was very young. It's just a moving album in general, and at the same time, great to rock to!

Here's the awesome "My Iron Lung":

And one of my favorite songs from the album, and one of the most moving, "Black Star":

Can't wait to start the album OK Computer in the next post!

Radiohead (Part 2)

As Radiohead gained popularity from their single "Creep" they felt the need to evolve. They were trying hard around the world (especially in America) to prove they were more than just a one hit wonder. So today I'll feature that album and a few songs from it.

Here's their awesome song "Just":

And here's the softer introspective song "Fake Plastic Trees":

I hope some of you can appreciate Radiohead soon. If not now, maybe by the end of the series.


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Radiohead (Part 1)

Radiohead, truly my favorite band. They have affected me in so many ways, I can hardly describe, and wouldn't know where to begin. I suppose I'll start from the beginning. When I was much younger (4-5), my brother would play Radiohead incessantly, I really never knew what it was, but it affected me deeply.

I'll start with one of their most popular tracks Creep. The interesting thing is, Thom Yorke really got sick of playing this live and hearing it on the radio. He explains how the song turned into "fridge buzz" in an interview:

Thom Yorke: There's a line in "Karma Police," about the buzzes like a fridge," and when you're driving around and around, and you have the alternative stations on in the background, or in your hotel room, it's just like a fridge buzzing. That's all I'm hearing. I'm just hearing buzz. It's really odd. You just have to laugh,'cause-

Journalist: Well, the one song that you had that was really embraced-

Thom Yorke: Yeah, that had the fridge buzzing in it.

Journalist: -by the modern rock format-

Both: -Creep.

Thom Yorke: That was a good fridge buzz.

So, without further to do here is the infamous Creep:

After the infamous album Pablo Honey Radiohead released The Bends. One popular song off that album was High and Dry:

So as you can tell by the title, this is going to be a multi-part series. I'm not sure how many just yet, but I will get through all their albums. They really are an amazing band.

On a side note, I just saw Fleet Foxes, truly one of the most amazing bands I've ever seen live. I posted them a few days ago. You really should check them out, they are really professional and all I can is their voices are what I imagine heaven sounds like.

John McLauglin

John McLaughlin is an amazing jazz fusion guitarist, who really changed everyone's idea of what your typical jazz guitarist might sound like. As well as jazz he brought rock, funk, flamenco, and classical into his playing style. He is a must hear for any guitarist or music lover.


Mediterranean Sundance with Paco de Lucia and Al di Meola:

Unforgettable songs and performances. Really I just can't touch my guitar for a whole hour after watching that. Hope you like it just as much!

Fleet Foxes

This weekend I'm going to see the folk band Fleet Foxes. They are a great band, with some of the best vocal harmonies I've heard in a long time. Well, today they released their new album: Helplessness Blues and decided to let you stream the entire album online for free. Check it out at NPR's website. Although I haven't heard it all the way through, so far it sounds amazing. Anyways today I'll feature two of their songs off their debut album.

White Winter Hymnal:


Hope the beautiful vocal harmonies, help for a relaxing day.

Also, what do you think of the new blog design?