New Bearded Video

Although our main character may not be donning his oh so manly beard, this video depicts his manliness without it. As well, it explores a very important moral dilemma. Hope you like it.

Also here's a great Necrophagist song:

Keep posting and thanks for following! I'll get back to all your comments soon!

Andrew Bird

Hey guys,
As far as the Bearded videos (see last post) a new one should be up soon. For now here's another one:

Also here's a beautiful Andrew Bird song. He is a pretty awesome artist.

Hope you all have a great day!

Beards amongst other things

Who doesn't love beards? Perhaps not the way they feel, or the itchiness that you endure when growing one out, but for aesthetic and masculine reasons only, how could you not love beards? Well my friends, me and some buddies have started a new web series dedicated to beards. Check it out here:
Bearded Productions
Oh and our YouTube.

I do hope you enjoy it.

Also the Joe Satriani concert was without a doubt absolutely amazing. He really brings his songs alive on stage. If you are unfamiliar with Joe here's a video:

And to top it off here's a neat Crystal Castles song:

New Blog

Why call my blog Wild Neutron? Honestly, I just used a random blog name genreator because I couldn't think of a name myself, but honestly it fit quite well. How does it fit well? Firstly I am somewhat wild and erratic. Whether it is the music I listen to, the foods I eat, or my behavior in general, I am quite spontaneous and well, wild. At the same time I am open minded on most subjects, making me somewhat neutral. Get it neutron, neutral?

First and foremost is my love for music. I am a musician and I play guitar. I know what you're thinking he plays guitar and knows a few chords so he thinks he's a musician. Luckily I am not. I do compose some music, but am generally shy about sharing my personal compositions. I know a lot about music theory as well. As I said I am wild, and I listen to and love many types of music, generally I changing genres sporadically. I can be listening to classical one moment, death metal the next, techno another, and then jazz. This would also make me somewhat neutral or as I say open-minded, wouldn't it? I hope so. You see, when I listen to music I don't always hear another genre, I hear another way of expressing yourself, and truly love any music that evokes that.

Next is my interest in computers and science. I have always loved electronics. Whether building a miniature amp for my guitar or a violet burning laser pointer, electricity has always fascinated me. As of now I am majoring in electrical engineering in college. As well I am a web designer and while I am no expert have always been handy with computers. I know a bit of C++ and run Linux on two of my computers.

Also I love cats. Especially my cat Garfield.

On a side note I am going to see Joe Satriani at the Orpheum in Los Angeles tonight. This should be fun.