Horace Silver

Today I'll feature one of my favorite jazz musicians: Horace Silver. Silver came to the jazz scene in the hard bop era, along with his funky, bluesy, earthy feel in his playing. As a song writer and improviser he was matched by few and imitated by none. Definitely worth a listen.

Song for My Father:

Filthy McNasty:

Always inspiring to listen to. If you're not into jazz this might change you for the better.

On another note a great TV show reviewing blog, which I enjoy is here:

Check it out!


Today I'll feature a band that always seems to put me in. From the smooth and mellow vocals, to the simple, yet creative guitar leads, to the driving beat and grooving bass, Travis is a band that never dissapoints. And to boot, they make great music videos! If you're at all fan of Alternative rock or pop I would definitely reccomend them.

Walking in the Sun:

Closer (with a Cameo from Ben Stiiler, a friend of the band):

Hope these songs brighten your day!


So today I thought I'd feature one of my jazz musicians: Dave Brubeck and his quartet.

To start off here's one of his most famous songs, Take Five:

Another great song, Blue Rondo a la Turk:

Hopefully, you love this band as much as I do.

Sondre Lerche and thesixtyone

Today the musician I'll feature is a Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche. I first discovered his music from the movie Dan in Real Life. He plays great acoustic, and pop/rock music, that seems to give hope to that genre of music, which lately seems to be turning in a bad direction. Anyways here's a song from the Soundtrack of Dan in Real Life:

And a song from Heartbeat Radio:

He's on tour right now so maybe you can see him then...

Also, I found this great website for listening to new, emerging, or underground music. The music styles feautured on this website vary from electronic to rock. Totally a great place to find music if you're ever interested:



He just recorded and posted this free to download session on his website today:


I knew a guy while back who was starting a band. He had a few people, including his wife in this band. They were a mostly alternative band with some indie influences. While as of now the band is broken up, some of the stuff they did was great and totally worth listening to.

But, to start out, here's a funny video!

So finally here's Castledoor with "Growing a Garden":

and an unreleased demo "Fall Apart":

Hope these beautiful songs brighten your day!


As many of you, I love to play guitar. I'll show you two of my favorite guitarists, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Today I'll follow my normal format of course and show you a funny video that still follows the guitar theme:

and yes Michael Angelo Batio is actually playing that, he is the using minimum movement technique.

Now, here's Joe Satriani playing "Flying in a Blue Dream":

And Steve Vai playing "For the Love of God":

Hope these songs make your day better in some way, I know they did for me.