Radiohead (Part 5)

A new post on Radiohead! Finally I know, I'm sorry but my life has been completely sucked away by school. This week I'll finish up the amazing album OK Computer.

This is the great, laid back tune No Surprises, a tune that really made the Glockenspiel more popular for better or for worse (to the point where I felt like I might shoot myself if I
heard another indie band try and use it again):

Don't get me wrong, I love the song, just a shame that so many cheap indie bands feel it's necessary to use the instrument these days. Now to the hauntingly beautiful, spine chilling song Climbing Up the Walls:

Also a special shout out to Dola and his blog, thanks for staying faithful and keeping me posting! Check out his blog: Username lameguy!

Can't wait to get into Kid A next post!