Radiohead (Part 5)

A new post on Radiohead! Finally I know, I'm sorry but my life has been completely sucked away by school. This week I'll finish up the amazing album OK Computer.

This is the great, laid back tune No Surprises, a tune that really made the Glockenspiel more popular for better or for worse (to the point where I felt like I might shoot myself if I
heard another indie band try and use it again):

Don't get me wrong, I love the song, just a shame that so many cheap indie bands feel it's necessary to use the instrument these days. Now to the hauntingly beautiful, spine chilling song Climbing Up the Walls:

Also a special shout out to Dola and his blog, thanks for staying faithful and keeping me posting! Check out his blog: Username lameguy!

Can't wait to get into Kid A next post!

Radiohead (Part 4)

Today I'll cover Radiohead's OK Computer era. Truly one of the most revolutionary and influential albums of the 90's.

Here is the 3-part masterpiece "Paranoid Android" (which also has a very quirky music video):

And of course the lamenting song "Karma Police":

This song actually makes a reference to "Creep", and the "fridge buzz", that song has...

Hope, if you aren't already a fan, that this helps you on your way there...

Radiohead (Part 3)

Well, I suppose I'll wrap up The Bends era today. It's been great, quite nostalgic for me in fact. I've been listening to this album since I was very young. It's just a moving album in general, and at the same time, great to rock to!

Here's the awesome "My Iron Lung":

And one of my favorite songs from the album, and one of the most moving, "Black Star":

Can't wait to start the album OK Computer in the next post!

Radiohead (Part 2)

As Radiohead gained popularity from their single "Creep" they felt the need to evolve. They were trying hard around the world (especially in America) to prove they were more than just a one hit wonder. So today I'll feature that album and a few songs from it.

Here's their awesome song "Just":

And here's the softer introspective song "Fake Plastic Trees":

I hope some of you can appreciate Radiohead soon. If not now, maybe by the end of the series.


You should really check out GuitarTV. It has streaming video of many guitarist in every genre. It was started by Steve Vai among others. They play any and every type of guitar related music. They even post what type of guitar is being played in the video, tabs to play along, purchasing the song on iTunes, show dates for the artist and more. It is a really entertaining website for guitar players and music lovers alike. Check it out!

Also a church website I just built:

Radiohead (Part 1)

Radiohead, truly my favorite band. They have affected me in so many ways, I can hardly describe, and wouldn't know where to begin. I suppose I'll start from the beginning. When I was much younger (4-5), my brother would play Radiohead incessantly, I really never knew what it was, but it affected me deeply.

I'll start with one of their most popular tracks Creep. The interesting thing is, Thom Yorke really got sick of playing this live and hearing it on the radio. He explains how the song turned into "fridge buzz" in an interview:

Thom Yorke: There's a line in "Karma Police," about the buzzes like a fridge," and when you're driving around and around, and you have the alternative stations on in the background, or in your hotel room, it's just like a fridge buzzing. That's all I'm hearing. I'm just hearing buzz. It's really odd. You just have to laugh,'cause-

Journalist: Well, the one song that you had that was really embraced-

Thom Yorke: Yeah, that had the fridge buzzing in it.

Journalist: -by the modern rock format-

Both: -Creep.

Thom Yorke: That was a good fridge buzz.

So, without further to do here is the infamous Creep:

After the infamous album Pablo Honey Radiohead released The Bends. One popular song off that album was High and Dry:

So as you can tell by the title, this is going to be a multi-part series. I'm not sure how many just yet, but I will get through all their albums. They really are an amazing band.

On a side note, I just saw Fleet Foxes, truly one of the most amazing bands I've ever seen live. I posted them a few days ago. You really should check them out, they are really professional and all I can is their voices are what I imagine heaven sounds like.

John McLauglin

John McLaughlin is an amazing jazz fusion guitarist, who really changed everyone's idea of what your typical jazz guitarist might sound like. As well as jazz he brought rock, funk, flamenco, and classical into his playing style. He is a must hear for any guitarist or music lover.


Mediterranean Sundance with Paco de Lucia and Al di Meola:

Unforgettable songs and performances. Really I just can't touch my guitar for a whole hour after watching that. Hope you like it just as much!

Fleet Foxes

This weekend I'm going to see the folk band Fleet Foxes. They are a great band, with some of the best vocal harmonies I've heard in a long time. Well, today they released their new album: Helplessness Blues and decided to let you stream the entire album online for free. Check it out at NPR's website. Although I haven't heard it all the way through, so far it sounds amazing. Anyways today I'll feature two of their songs off their debut album.

White Winter Hymnal:


Hope the beautiful vocal harmonies, help for a relaxing day.

Also, what do you think of the new blog design?

Horace Silver

Today I'll feature one of my favorite jazz musicians: Horace Silver. Silver came to the jazz scene in the hard bop era, along with his funky, bluesy, earthy feel in his playing. As a song writer and improviser he was matched by few and imitated by none. Definitely worth a listen.

Song for My Father:

Filthy McNasty:

Always inspiring to listen to. If you're not into jazz this might change you for the better.

On another note a great TV show reviewing blog, which I enjoy is here:

Check it out!


Today I'll feature a band that always seems to put me in. From the smooth and mellow vocals, to the simple, yet creative guitar leads, to the driving beat and grooving bass, Travis is a band that never dissapoints. And to boot, they make great music videos! If you're at all fan of Alternative rock or pop I would definitely reccomend them.

Walking in the Sun:

Closer (with a Cameo from Ben Stiiler, a friend of the band):

Hope these songs brighten your day!


So today I thought I'd feature one of my jazz musicians: Dave Brubeck and his quartet.

To start off here's one of his most famous songs, Take Five:

Another great song, Blue Rondo a la Turk:

Hopefully, you love this band as much as I do.

Sondre Lerche and thesixtyone

Today the musician I'll feature is a Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche. I first discovered his music from the movie Dan in Real Life. He plays great acoustic, and pop/rock music, that seems to give hope to that genre of music, which lately seems to be turning in a bad direction. Anyways here's a song from the Soundtrack of Dan in Real Life:

And a song from Heartbeat Radio:

He's on tour right now so maybe you can see him then...

Also, I found this great website for listening to new, emerging, or underground music. The music styles feautured on this website vary from electronic to rock. Totally a great place to find music if you're ever interested:



He just recorded and posted this free to download session on his website today:


I knew a guy while back who was starting a band. He had a few people, including his wife in this band. They were a mostly alternative band with some indie influences. While as of now the band is broken up, some of the stuff they did was great and totally worth listening to.

But, to start out, here's a funny video!

So finally here's Castledoor with "Growing a Garden":

and an unreleased demo "Fall Apart":

Hope these beautiful songs brighten your day!


As many of you, I love to play guitar. I'll show you two of my favorite guitarists, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. Today I'll follow my normal format of course and show you a funny video that still follows the guitar theme:

and yes Michael Angelo Batio is actually playing that, he is the using minimum movement technique.

Now, here's Joe Satriani playing "Flying in a Blue Dream":

And Steve Vai playing "For the Love of God":

Hope these songs make your day better in some way, I know they did for me.

Blind Dates

While I've never been on a blind date (not really my thing), I've heard some funny stories about them. Here's a funny (and slightly creepy) video about a blind date (see if you can recognize the girl).

And here's a great new song by Radiohead:

And an awesome song by Blind Guardian:

So my question for you is, have you ever been on a blind date? How did it turn out?
Well I've been very busy lately. School starts soon for me so things have been a bit hectic.

Here's a really funny comedian. If you've heard Canon in D or Canon Rock played WAY too many times you will understand:

Here's a great Brubeck song:

Also here's a beautiful Miles Davis tune:

Finally, please recommended some jazz tunes that work well for piano, guitar, and drums. Preferably if you know where there is sheet music.
Oh and thanks for 100 followers!

New Jack Beard

So at Bearded Productions we started a new series called Jack-Beards, where we pretty much do stunts and stuff. This is a pretty ridiculous episode (it burnt alot):

If you haven't heard Pink Floyd's The Trial, this is definitely a must listen to song (really trippy animation):

Here's a classic Al Di Meola song with Paco de Lucia:

Here's another Al Di Meola song (also with Paco de Lucia):

Thanks for watching, listening, reading! Hope you all have a great day!

New Bearded Video

Although our main character may not be donning his oh so manly beard, this video depicts his manliness without it. As well, it explores a very important moral dilemma. Hope you like it.

Also here's a great Necrophagist song:

Keep posting and thanks for following! I'll get back to all your comments soon!

Andrew Bird

Hey guys,
As far as the Bearded videos (see last post) a new one should be up soon. For now here's another one:

Also here's a beautiful Andrew Bird song. He is a pretty awesome artist.

Hope you all have a great day!

Beards amongst other things

Who doesn't love beards? Perhaps not the way they feel, or the itchiness that you endure when growing one out, but for aesthetic and masculine reasons only, how could you not love beards? Well my friends, me and some buddies have started a new web series dedicated to beards. Check it out here:
Bearded Productions
Oh and our YouTube.

I do hope you enjoy it.

Also the Joe Satriani concert was without a doubt absolutely amazing. He really brings his songs alive on stage. If you are unfamiliar with Joe here's a video:

And to top it off here's a neat Crystal Castles song:

New Blog

Why call my blog Wild Neutron? Honestly, I just used a random blog name genreator because I couldn't think of a name myself, but honestly it fit quite well. How does it fit well? Firstly I am somewhat wild and erratic. Whether it is the music I listen to, the foods I eat, or my behavior in general, I am quite spontaneous and well, wild. At the same time I am open minded on most subjects, making me somewhat neutral. Get it neutron, neutral?

First and foremost is my love for music. I am a musician and I play guitar. I know what you're thinking he plays guitar and knows a few chords so he thinks he's a musician. Luckily I am not. I do compose some music, but am generally shy about sharing my personal compositions. I know a lot about music theory as well. As I said I am wild, and I listen to and love many types of music, generally I changing genres sporadically. I can be listening to classical one moment, death metal the next, techno another, and then jazz. This would also make me somewhat neutral or as I say open-minded, wouldn't it? I hope so. You see, when I listen to music I don't always hear another genre, I hear another way of expressing yourself, and truly love any music that evokes that.

Next is my interest in computers and science. I have always loved electronics. Whether building a miniature amp for my guitar or a violet burning laser pointer, electricity has always fascinated me. As of now I am majoring in electrical engineering in college. As well I am a web designer and while I am no expert have always been handy with computers. I know a bit of C++ and run Linux on two of my computers.

Also I love cats. Especially my cat Garfield.

On a side note I am going to see Joe Satriani at the Orpheum in Los Angeles tonight. This should be fun.